The Northside mission began in July 1950 by Sisters Roxie Kern and Pauline Nash. At the time of Northside’s opening, there were seven members. Their service was held at 3:00 p.m. every Sunday, and it consisted of prayer, study of the word of God, and talking about God’s goodness. Northside appointed its first pastor, Rev. Charles Finley of Zion, Illinois in 1951. Rev. Lance Martin was appointed in 1959. During his tenure, the church continued to grow in membership and was formally named Northside Church of God in 1961. Shortly after, the church purchased its first building and no longer had to rent space. Rev. Jack Johnson was elected pastor in August 1962. Rev. A. G. Drane was elected pastor in November 1964. Rev. Sandy L. Johnson was elected pastor in June 1965. Pastor Johnson served Northside for 48 years, and under his leadership, the church moved to its current location. Pastor Johnson retired in June 2013, and Pastor Lamont Sherrill was elected in November 2013.